So, apart from writing and needlework, what makes me tick?

Well it depends a bit on which me does the answering.

Being Capricorn there's two 'me's you see - my alpine, hard-headed, immensely practical, always wanting to see the bigger picture, 'goat' me, and my Mediterranean, day-dreamy, creative, loving every detail, 'fish' me - it makes for some interesting internal conversations! And I have this tendency for going off at tangents so this could get a little disjointed at times - my goat self apologises for any confusion this may cause (my fish self is already working on the next bit).

What do I like? - rainbows, making people happy, writing, quirky information, space-planning, embroidery, romantic movies, the sea, serendipitous moments, fairy tales, the word 'bounce', amethyst purple, snow, dancing, being creative, honesty, mountains, data analysis, wearing a scarlet skirt on foggy days, walking barefoot on the beach, pecans, Christmas, shocking people, bears, crows, musk ox, piglets, digging potatoes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, architecture, books, roast gammon, photography, poppies, aquilegias, alliums, old fashioned musicals, dragons, small paned windows that reflect the world in squares and diamonds - leaves here, a shaft of sunlight there. The mathematical precision of shells and cobwebs, history of children's literature, maps, tiled roofs, patterns of brick and terracotta, snowflakes, star gazing, small creatures, clouds, the diversity of leaves, bees, roads that lead to the sea, darning, scientific programmes/articles about how the brain functions, pebbles, interesting faces, bluebells, quirky place names, the scent of paeonies, toes, forensic science (and therefore CSI, NCIS, Cold Case ete, etc), marzipan, the smell of porridge.

What do I dislike? - cruelty, roller coasters, offal, creepy thrillers where someone is trying to get the hero(ine), looking in the mirror, horror stories, golf, having dry hands, orange, wool jumpers, neglect, turned milk, people who don't do things properly, phone calls that begin "I've had a bit of an accident", upsetting people, rock-climbing, the texture of porridge.

A somewhat eclectic mix, but I've picked a few favourites to go into in more depth.