Christmas plays a very important part in both my life and my creative work. I write a Christmas poem every year and much of my needlework is Christmas based. And in 'Something to Hang on Your Tree' the two combined.

Something to Hang on Your Tree

Choosing pieces from my workbox,
I add a skein of silk
the colour of holly berries, and delve amongst the beads and sequins
for just the right green glass leaves,
a pinch of golden stars
and a single, perfect, snowflake.

Now I can sew.
setting each stitch with care;
each star one of wonder,
each leaf a hint of Christmas spice, laced with the Season's crimson joy and the sparkle of snow magic,
to create this little heart
for your Christmas tree
from me, to you, with love.

© Samantha Newbury 2005

 Christmas Market - Vienna