The dragon - Myth or reality? - who knows, but we keep finding them wherever we go.



I recently discovered this little stone like egg under some leaves in a nearby woods


A few evenings later it started to wriggle and roll about.  This little video (you may have to wait a minute) shows what happened next ...


 Jewelled Dragon - Vienna December 2005

Dragon Keystone Above Window - Hove, Dec 2009

Lego Sea Dragon - Orlando October 2006

City Dragon - London, New Year's Eve 2007

Wrought Iron Dragons - coffee shop in Palma, Mallorca September 2009

The Sand Dragon - Son Baulo Beach, Mallorca, September 2009

Dragon Weathervane - Alcudia, Mallorca, September 2009

Tamarisk Tree Dragon (very good camouflage) -
Es Calo, Mallorca, September 2009 

Uncovering the Sand Dragon - Son Baulo 2009








Wyverns at Wrest Park