My first camera, which I took over from my Mum, was a Kodak Brownie that took 127 film (eight pictures to a roll). There was something very comfortable about its rounded curves - point, press the white button and wind the film on with three careful turns of the winder. It took pretty good pictures too until I dropped it on the cobbles at Versailles on a school trip in 1981, after which we had to keep a roll of black electrical tape in the case to cover the chipped bit each time we changed film!

After a brief flirtation with a Kodak disk camera in the late 1980's - the prints came up really grainy due to the tiny negative size - and various borrowed Minolta SLRs, I used a Casio QV-R40 for many years as it was small enough to fit in most of my handbags or a coat pocket and, despite being only 4.0 megapixels, took a pretty good photo - especially on macro.  These days I use a Canon PowerShot A1400 or a Pentax X90.

I particularly enjoy taking close up shots of plants and leaves, and trying to get decent pictures of wildlife - our local kites are my biggest challenge.