Now there is time in the evenings,
to kick off my shoes and walk
barefoot upon the grass,
and feel its cool, green livingness
beneath my toes.

Time, to smile at my flowers,
welcome the day's new openings,
and watch fat bees as they squeeze
into the spotted bells of foxgloves;
dusting their furry backs with gold.

Time, to run my hand up a stem of rosemary
and savour the pungent fragrance of remembrance.
Time to stroke the soft, grey ears of stachys
and listen to the swallows whistle
as they swoop high in the blue bowl of sky.

Time, to water my carrot and salad seedlings
and delight in the sparkling droplets
that bejewel the foliage.
Time to peer beneath the leaves of the plum tree
and gloat over the amethyst treasures growing there.

Time, later, to sit upon the bench, he and I,
and talk of little things,

whilst we watch the stars emerge
and the moths take wing
against the sapphire sky.

© Samantha Newbury 2006