My work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including the ones on this page.


Heart Shoots

Having received an enormous amount of help and support from Macmillan during and following my illness, I am extremely proud to have one of my poems in this collection - and more than a little awed to be sharing pages with the likes of Seamus Heaney, Joni Mitchell, Benjamin Zephaniah and Maya Angelou.  The anthology can be purchased here:




 One Word Anthology

 I'm a member of Talkback, Writing Magazine's online forum for writers. The One Word Challenge is our monthly competition - the previous month's winners set a word as a prompt for the challenge and become the judges for that month. The entrants submit a poem of up to 40 lines and/or a prose piece of up to 250 words inspired by the prompt word. The judges choose a winner in each category who pick the word for the next month and so it rolls on.

This anthology brings together pieces inspired by words such as 'bounce', 'putrid' and 'glass' from some 30 authors (including me). The anthology is published by Alfie Dog Fiction - E-book price 99p, Print version £5.99 -

It's also available from Amazon - and Smashwords - .

10% of the cover price of each book sold will go to Medical Detection Dogs ( ), a charity that trains dogs to assist people with life-threatening conditions by alerting them to imminent medical crises - Lola, right, is one of these amazing dogs - her owner, the poet Liz Brownlee, is diabetic and her blood sugar can drop suddenly and without symptoms. Lola can tell when Liz's blood sugar is dropping and has been trained to alert Liz so she can take glucose - you can read more about Liz and Lola here -  

My poems have also appeared in - 'Bugged... Writings from overhearings' (Bell Jar 2010), 'Extinction' (Baskalier Publishing 2010), 'Rowing Home' (Cruse Tyneside 2008) and 'Still Life' (United Press 2004).