I love travelling by train - there's always so much to see and nothing else I need to be doing.

Day Trip

When I feel like an adventure
no excitement can compete
with the rolling, swaying rhythm
and the 'trick-track, trick-track' beat
of the nine-eighteen to London
when I'm travelling off-peak.

I've opened all the windows wide
against the sudden summer heat,
watching the dusty hedges fly
and the dazzling fields of wheat;
relaxed and 'day-off' happy
in my dark blue velour seat.

I can study people's gardens
for ideas I could repeat;
marvel the funky artistry
of graffiti-clad concrete;
then we're in and out of tunnels
where tracks diverge and meet.

Past Cricklewood and Kentish Town
and the backs of terraced streets,
and Betjeman, at journey's end,
this aspiring poet greets
beneath St Pancras's arches;
the gateway to London's treats. 


© Samantha Newbury 2008