Christmas Stocking Recipe


Take a selection of the following:

  • Something Practical/Useful
  • Something Fun
  • Something Significant to either the past year or the year to come
  • Something Silly (the more childish the better)
  • Something Personal
  • Something Challenging (puzzles are good)
  • Something to savour later (like a new book or CD)
  • Something Sparkly for her (doesn't have to be expensive)
  • Something Gadgety for him (Ditto)
  • Something to Share (chocolates, tickets, anything goes)
  • Something that's the same each year
  • One or two favourite things
  • Something Unexpected
  • Add the occasional 'Wow' item every few years



Wrap individually and pack into stocking ensuring finished article is nice and knobbly and that there is a bag of chocolate coins and a Satsuma right down in the toe.