How do you explain to your niece and nephew that all your hair's fallen out due to chemo - with a funny poem of course.

Where, oh where is Auntie Sam's hair?


It used to be long,
quite straight, a bit fluffy
(after a day on the front
she could look pretty scruffy;
if she'd forgotten her scrunchie
all blown it would be
into twangly tangles
by the wind off the sea).

She'd wear it in bunches
or up in a bun,
or under a big floppy hat
in the sun.
She'd buy spangly hair clips
from that shop in The Lanes
for Christmas or holidays
or when visitors came.

Now she's been a bit poorly
and she's felt a bit sick
and her hair's ALL come off,
every last little bit.
The hair on her head,
the hair on her toes,
her eyebrows and EVEN
the hair in her nose!

And so, for a while,
she might look a bit silly,
(she'll wear a warm hat
if her ears get chilly)
and in a few months
when it starts to grow back
it could grow back blond
or ginger, or black.

It might even be purple
or maybe bright pink.
Will it be straight or curly,
what do you think?
But whatever she looks like
she's still Au
ntie Sam
and she'll come down to see you
just as soon as she can.

© Samantha Newbury September 2011