"A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom" - Robert Frost

Snow Witch

"Snow Witch, Snow Witch,
tell me, what do you make?"
"I'm weaving a blanket
for the world, lest it wake.

With spun strands of stardust
I have threaded my loom.
The shuttle I've loaded
with pearl-sheen of the moon.

The wild geese have given
cloud-white down from their breasts
before they flew away
to their wintering rests.

From the wastes of the north
comes a hank of ice chills,
that I can twist with a
sparkling spool full of thrills.

The essence of mountains,
the sharp scent of green pines,
the taste of enchantment,
all shall be intertwined.

A spell for protection
and a charm for rebirth;
my blanket will ensure
Spring sleeps safe in the Earth."

© Samantha Newbury 2006


You won't just find my work here on www.smanf.com or in my book, it also appears in magazines like The Dawntreader and I also contribute regularly to the Visual Verse website  - http://visualverse.org/images/ - where a new piece of artwork or photography is published each month and you take that for your inspiration.  The only catch being that you can allow yourself no more than an hour to write your piece of 50-500 words.  I love the new, and sometimes quite surprising, directions Visual Verse takes me in

There is also a poem of mine on the Letter to an Unknown Solider site - http://www.1418now.org.uk/letter/?skipenter - which is part of the 14-18 - Now World War One centenary artwork programme - http://www.1418now.org.uk/ - you'll find my poem here - http://www.1418now.org.uk/letter/samantha-newbury/ .


Poem of the Month - Bramingham Woods - May

The tide of Spring has broken in the woods
and now the blackthorn drips with foaming spray.
Wide pools of bluebells lap the beeches' roots;

legacy of the wave that's ebbed away.
The whisper of the new leaves in the breeze
reminds me of the quiet surf at play

and verdant scents, that tantalise and tease,
entreat like tiny ripples on the shore;
the wistful ache within my heart is eased

by diving in to wander and explore,
the limpid blue-green depths that lie within

whose dancing leaves and sunlight can restore,

just as saltwater gently soothes the skin,
my weary soul that's Winter-worn so thin.

© Samantha Newbury 2009