The only problem with Taxol (paclitaxel) is that it comes with some heavy duty steroids as a pre-med (plus antihistamines and antacids) and, once the antihistamine 'wooziness' has worn off, the full effect of the steroids kicks in, leaving me so wired I couldn't sleep. After the first week I stayed up, sewed, wrote and watched TV, but that first week I got a song stuck in my head - so, with many apologies to Simon & Garfunkel for swiping their idea (and some of their lines):

Friday Morning: 2am

I can hear the soft huffing of the man that I love
as he lies here beside me asleep with the night
and his head, lightly silvered, rests by my pillow
reflecting the glow of my small reading light.

I'm awake, I'm afraid and my burden seems heavy
as I think of the tumour, the chemo and all
but, looking out of the window when I hear a fox barking,
I find other things that I want to recall.

The night smells of earth, of mist, of October;
a hint of gunpowder, beechmast and more.
Leaves on the plum tree are, breeze blown, a gold shimmer
and the night birds sing songs I've not heard before.

My life may seem unreal, but that's just an illusion;
it's a scene that's been written in which I must play,
but I know as I write of night's secrets shown to me
a new morning is just a few hours away.

© Samantha Newbury October 2011