My Gallery - Artwork, Photography and Needlework

Damp Weasel

© Samantha Newbury 1983

I went through a slightly surreal stage with my art at about 16!

Collected Pieces

© Samantha Newbury 1983

Not quite as surreal

The 9 Carat Tiger -Eye Quilt

© Samantha Newbury 1984

Another one from the mid-80's


© Samantha Newbury 2005

We found this incredible moth in Vienna's Schonbrunn Zoo

Geraniums - Corfu

© Samantha Newbury 2007

 Novel use for an old olive oil can!

After the storm

© Samantha Newbury 2008

The rain was horizontal when we arrived in Brighton‚ but then the sun came out


© Samantha Newbury 2005

No filters or fancy lenses - the sea really is this colour

Tiger Cub - Artist: Jim King

© Jim King 1986

My Godfather Henry (Jim) King was a big influence on my art - I'm very proud to own several of his paintings

Leo - Artist: Jim King

© Jim King

Another of Uncle Henry's works - he always signed his paintings with a pictogram of a straw boater

The Rhodocrosite Bird

© Samantha Newbury 2008

Someone gave me a Rhodocrosite crystal egg and I wondered what would hatch from it

The Hatchling

© Samantha Newbury 2008

And this is what came out of a Tiger Iron egg!

Remember Love

© Samantha Newbury 1991

Fifty hours of quilting and embroidery inspired by the late 80's cult show Beauty & The Beast

Oak in Snow

© Samantha Newbury December 2009

I just loved the contrast of branches and snow

Sea - Mallorca

© Samantha Newbury September 2009

Sea - Brighton

 © Samantha Newbury


From one extreme to the other!

Tree of Dreams

© Samantha Newbury March 2010


© Samantha Newbury October 2009

I found this gorgeous cyclamen at the greengrocer's in Mere when I was there for the Literature Festival

Lenten Rose

© Samantha Newbury March 2010

Pink Frilled Aquilegia

© Samantha Newbury 2010

Each year the bees work their magic‚ the seeds self-set and the following spring there's always something new to discover

Blue Aquilegia

© Samantha Newbury 2010

Another one of this year's surprises


© Samantha Newbury 2010

I love alliums‚ they're just like floral fireworks!

Do you believe?

The 2011 Christmas Poem

Giant Stocking

This is the giant Christmas stocking I made this year for my local Macmillan Cancer Unit's Christmas Raffle


© Samantha Newbury 2012


This is the drawing that was adapted for the cover of my book 'Finding My Tail'

© Samantha Newbury 2013

Christmas Countdown

The 2012 Christmas Poem

© Samantha Newbury 2012


© Samantha Newbury 2010


© Samantha Newbury 2013

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  • Collected Pieces
  • The 9 Carat Tiger -Eye Quilt
  • Moth
  • Geraniums - Corfu
  • After the storm
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  • Tiger Cub - Artist: Jim King
  • Leo - Artist: Jim King
  • The Rhodocrosite Bird
  • The Hatchling
  • Remember Love
  • Oak in Snow
  • Sea - Mallorca
  • Sea - Brighton
  • Tree of Dreams
  • Cyclamen
  • Lenten Rose
  • Pink Frilled Aquilegia
  • Blue Aquilegia
  • Allium
  • Do you believe?
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  • Beachcombing
  • Giant Stocking
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  • Capricorn
  • Christmas Countdown
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