This is a little about my art and photography.

As an artist I work mainly in pencil - standard graded for monochrome and a thirty year old set of Caran D'Ache Prismalo I Aquarelle for colour - or thread - which covers pretty much anything you can get through the eye of a needle and sew with, cotton, silks, wool, ribbon etc.  I also do some pen and ink work, particularly when designing images for embroidery.

When it comes to artistic influences, there are all sorts, but I guess I have a particular love for detail which shows itself in a fascination with illuminated manuscripts, tapestries and intricate engraving; I love Tissot, Marcus Stone and Seurat; Nicola Bayley, Fiona Owen and Tony Meeuwissen; Pauline Baynes, Inga Moore and Cam (Barbara Mary Campbell) to name just a few. The other big influence was my godfather who gave me pointers, loaned me books and taught me, when attempting a person or animal, to 'always start with the eyes'. 

 'Sea Dragon' - water-soluble pencil on paper

'Capricorn' Embroidery - stranded cotton and 2 ply acrylic on cotton.

When I did the original design for the cover of Finding My Tail I thought that, one day, it would make a good embroidery project.  It took about seventy hours in total and the tail meant working with twelve separate needles (each threaded with a different colour), but I'm incredibly pleased with how well it came out. 



'Walled Garden' Applique/Embroidery - felt, cotton, Harris Tweed, stranded cotton and tapestry wool on linen.

Inspired by the lovely, local walled gardens at Luton Hoo and the Stockwood Discovery Centre, this panel took about forty hours in total. - it is 'planted' with wisteria, rose, foxglove, box, iris, lavender, 'Gran's Favourite' pinks, alchemilla mollis and geranium.